Thoughts About Archery and Censorship.

Katniss rocks!  No question she will be top choice for baby girl’s names this year.   Expect lots of Xmas requests for bows and arrows after Hunger Games and ‘We Have to talk About Kevin’ – archery is the new rock’n roll.  On the downside expect plenty of untimely accidents, arrows hurt, even soft-tipped ones.    I know I am the wrong demographic for Hunger Games – gray hair, wrinkles etc. but impressed I was.  This is so much better a teen franchise than Twighlight. Having divided feelings between vampires and werewolves is nowhere near as plausible as having backstage reality show heart tugs.   Indeed the whol plot is scary because it is conceivable – it is just a short evolutionary jump from Britain’s Got Talent to Britain’s Got Death Matches’ – heck the Hunger Games even had mentors!    Even the audience looked the the braying crowd I saw this week at the Blackpool auditions of BGT.

That’s all on the plus side BUT the big downside is that in the UK it is on a 12a audience rating which means you can take your kids.  Has the censor gone mad?  Do we still have a censor?  Apparently the distributors cut a few shots to get the 12a rating – maybe they had to drop a close up knife thru the eyeball because everything else was there on the big screen.  I seem to remember that back in the day ‘Lord of the Flies was an adult rated film and that was Hunger Games ‘lite’.  Would I take a teen to see it? Nope!  Maybe 17+ but no younger.  Certainly not a 12 year old however brave they were.  Dragging in a young audience toi see this film is exploitation for it will certainly give nightmares to the nervous and violent ideas to the bullies – expect a death by spear this side of Xmas.

This is a blog piece not a review – we have an excellent one the site from Barry Verber who also talks for an older generation.  I just felt that Hunger Games raises a lot of points about the cinema and what is appropriate viewing and how our own society is evolving and I wanted to take a moment to address them.

David M


2 Responses to “Thoughts About Archery and Censorship.”

  1. Benny says:

    saw the film recently and the two kids in front of me, were definitely under 12 !
    How they got in god knows but they seemed very unimpressed and both were busy texting
    on their blackberry's through the entire film.

    I think it was a good film but not one that I felt the need to discuss long after I left the cinema. Next !

  2. Muzzy Broadheads says:

    This is really a nice film and I have watched less than 5. Besides this, it has familiar with the archery techniques. I must appreciate your workout as well. Thanks 🙂

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