The Beast – Murder and Passion in Jersey











Set in Jersey, this film explores the developing relationship between two deeply damaged souls Moll and Pascal. Directed by Michael Pearce the story is set against a string of murders on the island. The local inhabitants are in the mood for a witch hunt and Pascal (Kristian Brodie) is an early suspect. He has history as a local troublemaker and poacher and when he gets involved with middle-class dropout Molly (Lauren Dark) the atmosphere is hostile.


The film moves skilfully between portraying the snobbishness of middle-class Jersey society with the parties and social events and the primitive suspicions of the larger population which one feels are raw and primitive.  Molly and Pascal are a strange couple – with enormous sexual electricity but exhibiting a blatant disregard for the morals of the conservative island.  We are continually questioning whether or not Pascal is in fact the serial killer the police are searching for or if he is simply being tarred with a social brush.  I would not wish to put include any spoilers in this review as the final sequences in the film are quite powerful and I would not wish to spoil them.


Its films like this that make the LFF such an enjoyable festival.

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