Stronger – a Look Behind the Boston Marathon Bombing

In a world now familiar with terrorist outrages we sometimes overlook the very real personal tragedies that these bombs can create.  We see people blown across the screens in newsreel footage and forget that these are real people in real communities who have their lives changed forever.    David Gordon’s film ‘Stronger’ helps us remember the minutiae of the worlds that bombs fracture and the way in which ordinary men and women can grow through such tragedy.   Stronger looks at the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing  and how Boston resident Jeff Baumann (Jake Gillenhaal) adapts to life as an amputee and how it impacts on his uncertain relationship with his ex-girlfriend Erin.

Jeff will never be the same again, from being a lowly worker in a fast food factory he is thrust into the spotlight to represent the strength of character that is the Boston Spirit.  He struggles to deal with this new role and hesitates to become the mascot of his local sporting team.  Erin also struggles with love and life with an amputee who is not the easiest of personalities anyway.  He is moody, selfish and enjoys a laddish life with his drinking chums.  The personal struggle placed on him by the terrorist outrage forces him to grow as a man and prove himself a worthy partner for his girlfriend Erin.  This was an interesting movie since it went behind the news reports of the Marathon event and let us see how heroism is sometimes a heavy accolade to carry.

Catch it at the BFI London Film Festival

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