Noisy people in the cinema

There’s always one. That person who cannot keep quiet during the movie, even if they are told to do so. They seem to be multiplying nowadays. I’m not sure if this is due to people becoming more obnoxious, or if movies are more popular than usual, and therefore the loud audience members are coming out of the woodwork.

The worst part is, a lot of the time if you were to tell them to shut up, they would yell back at you, and demand you shut up too. You’ll wish you’d stayed at home and played on instead. It would have been a lot more peaceful. If you are reading this wondering who these noisy people I speak of are … YOU are one of them.

Here is a list of the things us quiet folk would like the noisy audience members to bear in mind:

– We have paid to come to the cinema, and therefore we would like to be able to concentrate on the movie we are watching.

– If you’ve got something to say and it isn’t urgent, it can wait until after the film is finished. Or you could get it off your chest before you enter the theatre. Just a thought.

– If you don’t want to see the film, don’t go and see it. Don’t talk through it just because you feel like everyone should have a miserable time like you.

– If you are going to spend the entire movie asking what’s going on, then perhaps you should have done some research before you bought your ticket.

– Dramatic silences are there to build suspense, not for you to announce your inner thoughts to the packed theatre.

– If you get uncontrollable giggles at an inappropriate moment in the movie, kindly leave until you’ve composed yourself.

Courtesy. That is all we ask.

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