After Words – Costa Rican Road Trip

Juan Feldman’s Costa Rican road trip starring oscar winning actress Marcia Gay Harden was one of the featured movies at the Majorcan Evolution Film Festival in Palma this week.

Beautifully cast and sensitively directed, ‘After Words’ follows the midlife crisis of Los Angeles librarian Jane Taylor who chooses to travel to Costa Rica and end her own lonely life in exotic surroundings.  Her intended suicide is, of course, thrown off-track by a local tour guide lothario Juan (Oscar Jaenada) who shows Jane that life can still hold surprises and delights.  Together they travel around the country visiting jungle and beach whilst continually pushing timid Jane out from her comfort zones.

Feldman also added Juan’s young daughter Anna (Jenna Ortega) to the emotional mix.  We learn that Juan is desperately trying to keep up the payments for Anna’s private school and this has pushed him into acting as the local gigolo with visiting female tourists.  Oscar Jaenada is made for this role and combines latin sexiness with a delightful vulnerability that finally cuts through Jane’s carefully constructed emotional firewall.

In sum, a charming film that amuses and delights the eye with great harmony.

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