A Dark Song, A Very Special Cult Offering.

If Ken Loach ever chose to make a film about satanic rites it would probably look a lot like Liam Gavin’s film ‘A Dark Song’.    Set in a deserted mansion in the lush Irish countryside the film features 2 actors Steve Oram and Catherine Walker with a couple of minor characters.

Sophia (Catherine Walker) is still bereaved from the loss of her young son at the hands of teenage wannabe occultists.  She seeks revenge and resolution through Mr Solomon, an experienced occultist with tough attitude and a ‘council estate’ feel to him.  She enters into a detailed and expensive contract with him to perform a ritual spread over many months whilst staying together in a house sealed within a salt circle.  As an occultist, Mr Solomon is about as far as you can get from a Christopher Lee/Dennis Wheatley interpretation which adds a feel of 21st century authenticity to the whole procedure.

When I talked with Liam Gavin today at the London Film Festival where this film is being presented, he told me that the ritual was based very closely on a ritual taken from the writings of arch occultist Aleister Crowley.  Gavin cautiously shows only sections of the ritual (best not to tempt the fates) but the effect is very compelling for the viewer.  The purpose of the ritual is to conjure up Sophia’s guardian angel so that she might ask it for vicious revenge on the killers of her child.  The final sequence complete with demons and a guardian angel is superbly executed.  Gavin has a background in storyboarding which comes across in precise unfolding of events.  Although this is not a big budget production it gets its story across with great style and impact and shows real cinematographic flair.

This excellent film is showing at the BFI London Film Festival.

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